5 Snowy Miles

Yay! Snow is my favorite!!!

I didn’t have a run scheduled for today, but when it started snowing I was all “hell yes I’m running today!” And when I got out the door I thought to myself “I’m totally running 5 miles today!”

I kinda forgot how hard running in the snow is, though. Plus, since I originally wasn’t going to run I wasn’t properly fuled or hydrated…coffee and an egg with cheese just doesn’t do it for me. Especially if I’m doing anything farther than 3 miles.

Now add in snow, ice, wind, and hills, and you’ve got yourself a very interesting combination. Basically what I’m trying to say is this wasn’t exactly one of my best ideas. But it was lots of fun and it was totally worth it!

I made sure to be really careful out there. The snow was hiding a lot of ice and I made sure to be super cautious around cars. Driving in snow is already stressful enough, I’m sure driving through snow, on a narrow road, with someone out running is even worse.

Anyways, since my last attempt at 5 miles didn’t go so well I took lots of walking breaks. Most of mile 3 was walking because hills. Plus I think my lack of carbs for breakfast was starting to affect me. I don’t understand how people can do fasted cardio, I need to EAT haha!

Most awkward selfie award goes to me today

All in all it was a really fun run! This was the longest run I’ve done in snow, the longest run I’ve done through my neighborhood, and the longest run I’ve done without music, so that’s all pretty neat! My quads and calves are already really sore, so tomorrow should be quite interesting. But like I said, totally worth it!

Wishing you a very happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “5 Snowy Miles

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Thank you! Running in the snow is a magical experience! Listening to the snow fall while your feet hit the ground is super peaceful. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person


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