Weekly Recap January 4th-10th 2016


  • 10 minute warm up on the stationary bike (2.4 miles), ran 1 mile hard (10:40), 10 minute cool down on the stationary bike (2.2 miles)

I didn’t exactly feel well on Monday. I originally wasn’t going to work out, but after sitting around doing nothing all morning I figured I should do SOMETHING. I ended up doing this 30 minute workout and I’m so glad I did! I felt a lot better afterwards.


Back in 2012 when I first started losing weight the first exercise program I did was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. After completing it the first time I had lost weight and gained quite a bit of muscle. Since 2012 I’ve put on a little bit of weight and lost some muscle, so, I plan on completing the 30 Day Shred again. Plus I thing this will be a good way to supplement my running.



Running through all of that wet/slick stuff really slowed me down, but it’s all good, it was supposed to be an easy run anyway.

Day 2 of the 30DS was quite eye opening for me. I’m sooooo ridiculously sore from yesterday, I seriously considered not doing ANYTHING when I woke up. But this really explains a lot. I’ve slowed down considerably over the past year and a half and now I think I know why. I’m no where near as conditioned as I thought I was. Sure, I can run farther, but I want those longer runs to be a little bit easier. And now I’m thinking the key to that is building my strength back up again.



  • Rest Day

This was unplanned, but on top of being sore and tired, my throat hurt and I wasn’t feeling well in general. So rest seemed like the better option.


  • Rest Day


  • 30 minutes of 1 minute walk/1 minute run intervals

I was supposed to do a “long” run today, but I was still feeling really sick and couldn’t even run at a steady pace for very long. I’m just glad I made it out there and did something.



  • Rest Day
  • 10 minutes of stretching/foam rolling in the evening

I’m not exactly happy with how this week went. I would have liked to do a long run but I just wasn’t up to it being sick and all…I suppose I needed the rest anyway. I’m starting to feel better today, so hopefully next week will go a bit better!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap January 4th-10th 2016

  1. whostardis

    aww you have a border collie too!!! those are the best running buddies. yours is beautiful! I think you had a great week of workouts with not feeling well! i love strength training, a great supplement to running and even helps running! good luck with the 30 day shred i heard its pretty intense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Haha I actually have two! But I totally agree! They are the best running buddies ever!! I hate strength training. It’s just no fun…haha I really need to do more of it though to help supplement my running. It is pretty tough! I’ve done it before and level 3 always kicks my ass! Thank you!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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