Have you ever had one of those weird moments when you’re just super stoked about being a runner? Because that’s totally how I feel right now. 

I guess that’s because today I’ve been thinking about my running accomplishments and all the things that are to come. I mean, I can run 5 miles without taking a walking break, I get excited when I see a 10 miler on my training schedule, I’m a freaking half marathon finisher! Like, how could I not be excited about these things?! 

Sure, I’ve had my low points in running. I’m just coming back from an injury that’s kept me sidelined for almost 3 weeks. But really, what’s 3 weeks off when you have a whole lifetime of running before you?

I want to run a marathon some day. Maybe even an ultra marathon. I want to start doing some trail running. I want to run with other people. Don’t even get me started on all the races and fun runs I want to do! 

There’s just so many cool opportunities for runners of every shape, size, age, speed, or whatever. I mean, how awesome is that?! 

I’m kinda going on a tangent here…I guess all I’m trying to say is running is super awesome and so are all the people who do it! πŸ˜„

Wishing you lots of awesome and happy miles. 

~ Ashley


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