Everyday Adventures 

Having two border collies has made me a much more active person. If I’m not running with Dean I’m walking Lily, if I’m not doing that we’re playing fetch, or learning new tricks, or running around the back yard. You get the picture.

Today my husband and I took them to one of the two dog parks we frequent. We’ve dubbed them the big one and the smaller one for obvious reasons (even though both parks already have names 😉).

Today we explored the big one. The dogs got to run around, dig, sniff, and pee to their hearts content, and us humans even got a little bit of exercise too.

I like this dog park better because it has wooded trail, big open fields, and part of the lake is open for the dogs to swim in, which is awesome because Lily LOVES to swim.
Unfortunately the lake is frozen, so Lily didn’t get to swim today. But she did get to play in the snow, which she absolutely loves. And my husband started teaching Dean to jump up on command.


Now that the dogs are all worn out, it’s time to cuddle up on the couch, watch some Star Wars, and warm up with some tea.

I hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday!

~ Ashley



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