I’m Back, Baby! 

(Quick shout out to Green Day and whoever uploaded this concert to YouTube, if it wasn’t for you I would have died of boredom) 

This was my first run in 3 weeks, I think? It was something like that…I was originally going to wait until January, but I wanted to do some kind of cardio today and my options were my dad’s elliptical (ewww) or my sisters treadmill. Unfortunately I couldn’t run outside because most of the roads around here are flooded, so I choose the treadmill. 

I’m not sure how far or fast I went. For some reason the accelerometer in my forerunner 225 wasn’t picking up my pace or distance (but it was still picking up my steps. Weird.), and I don’t know how to work my sisters treadmill. So all I know is that I ran for 30 minutes and I felt great! Well, I was extremely bored, but at least I had Green Day to keep me company. 😉

So yeah, look out world! Ashley’s back and she’s running! 


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