This morning I talked a little bit about one of my dogs, so now I feel like I need to talk about the other one.

Processed with Rookie Cam

This is Lily! She’s a 5 (holy cow almost 6) year old border collie. She used to help herd my dad’s cows/goats and run around my grandma’s woods, but when we moved 3 years ago she became a professional squirrel hunter (well, in her mind anyway), and a guard dog. Hahaha you wouldn’t really think of a border collie as being a guard dog, but she’s super protective of us and our house.

I got her from a friend who couldn’t take care of her about 5 years ago and that was basically a dream come true because I’ve seriously wanted a border collie since I was 9 years old. She had a few behavioral issues, but we eventually got passed those. Unfortunately it took her getting hit by a car and breaking her hip (right after I got her, I might add) to get over chasing cars. I’m out over $1,000 from that whole ordeal, but it’s done and over with and she doesn’t do it anymore and that’s all that matters.

Lily doesn’t run with me because I never leash trained her. When we lived on a farm I didn’t see any reason to, but now I kinda wish I had…I can still walk her, but she doesn’t listen well enough on a leash for me to run with her. It’s ok though, she’s very well mannered, knows lots of tricks, and is one of the best dogs ever. Haha I’m a little biased though.


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